Aquarian Gong

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What is Sound Therapy?

Vibration is a very primal pathway to healing. The body is mostly water, and sound travels easily through water. The vibration of the gongs cleanses the organs, calms the nerves and soothes the bones. Singing bowls or tuning forks can also be placed directly on the organ or bone to be healed. The busy voice in the mind becomes quiet and the body fills with tranquility as you enter the healing half-sleep called Yoga Nidra.

Therapeutic grade healing bowls may also be placed directly on the body, to heal a more specific joint, muscle or organ. 

In Claire's studio, there are 2 gongs: 32' Wu Xing  (5 element symphonic gong) and 32" Chau gong. There are 17 therapy grade brass singing bowls, ranging from 2'-14' diameter, plus drums, chimes and rainsticks.